November 2009

Stephen King's "The Stand", Bipolar Disorder, and me

During my first "manic-episode", I was more than a tad bit psychotic. I had just finished watching "The Stand" mini-series based on the Stephen King novel by the same name and I was convinced that I was deeply entrenched in my own personal stand against evil, and of course, for the sake of good. When I walked around my neighborhood, I wasn't only walking for myself, but believed others across the planet were taking their own private journeys for like-minded causes. I thought we were all connected by various threads to those both alive and dead.

Where do I begin?

Well here I am feeling inspired, creative and so grateful to be here writing a wonderful post to you folks.  I find it ironic that I aimed to enter this site yesterday and it was not working and then on my FB event wall I see this very cool person posted her link today!, don't you love it when things are so meant to be?

It is 1AM and we all know how important it is for us 'bipolars' to get our sleep, nah...I would rather write instead and enjoy the pleasure I get from any form of positive interation, especially when everything connects so perfectly.  I am so reckless nowadayzz...  ;)  It seems to really 'ping and pong' when I am up creating prose or poetry late at night.