March 2010

Don't Let a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis Stop You from your Dreams

I recently watched Oliver Sacks give a TED talk entitled, “What Hallucination Reveals about our Minds”. The writer and scientist talked about an amazing older woman who had experienced hallucinations while in her 90’s due to blindness, but was otherwise healthy.

The woman received comfort from the fact that her condition had a particular name. Having an actual diagnosis for strange things that you can experience can actually come as a relief, but I also think for some  cases, the diagnosis can be too limiting for the patients as they start to consider all of the things that they can’t do.

Cilantro Pesto to Get Rid of Mercury Poisoning

My uncle has Bioplar Disorder I, the same as I do, so there isn’t really a doubt in mind that my Bipolar Disorder is related to genetics. That fact hasn’t stopped me from reading up on other therapies or reasons that may play a role in my Bipolar Disorder. One thing that has had me concerned for some is mercury poisoning, which is caused by eating fish with mercury in it, or through mercury fillings and can cause neurological damage including dementia and psychosis.