June 2010

How Behavioral Therapy Can Help With Depression and Anxiety

Life is tough for people with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, or Depression, but there are some effective strategies to help you cope. I just read about an interesting study which indicated that Behavioral therapy is an effective treatment strategy for patients suffering from depression- with or without medication.
Behavioral therapy includes:

"Treatments (that) can include such techniques as assertiveness training, desensitization, environment modification, and relaxation training."

Music and Bipolar Disorder

One strange quirk that has manifested when I’ve been in a manic state is a strong attraction to music; on more than one occasion, I’ve been easily hypnotized by music and have even  taken the lyrics of some songs too literally, almost as if they were specifically written for me. While listening to music so fervently scared the people around me, I think that in some way, music distracted me from the reality that all was not well with my mind and gave me a temporary focus to concentrate on when reading books and following conversations became too difficult for me because my mind was moving at mock-speed.