January 2011

5 Things that Bug Me about Bipolar Disorder

There are times when I’m inspired by my manic frenzies, and have learned more about highs and lows and myself from Bipolar Disorder than I have from most of my other life experiences combined. That doesn’t change the fact that having Bipolar Disorder can seriously suck. My grievances with Bipolar Disorder are more than just pet peeves while I will admit that some of my issues with Bipolar are less serious than others.


Here’s my list:


Bipolar Disorder = No Kids for Me

I don’t have kids, am not likely to, and the main reason is because I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. A lot of people choose to have kids once they have been diagnosed or had kids before they were diagnosed, but I’m not one of them. People often ask me why I don’t have kids—especially when I’m travelling in Asia where not having a child is an affront to society—and I just smile and say I have health reasons.


Simone Beck's Tragic Suicide

Simone Beck committed suicide on Christmas Day. Before she died, she announced to all of her 1,000 friends that she had taken enough pills to die and that she expected to be dead shortly. 

Not one of her Facebook friends called 9-1-1 or acted in any way to help her. In fact, some of them openly mocked Simone Beck’s Facebook status in the comment section and called her a liar for her post.