March 2011

Does Charlie Sheen Have Bipolar Disorder or Not?

Most People with Bipolar Disorder Aren't Violent; Charlie Sheen is Violent

Is he or is he not the perfect picture of a person with Bipolar Disorder?

Of course, I’m referring to none other than Charlie Sheen, the guy who tried and succeeded to capture the media spotlight away from the kind of kooky Colonel Qaddafi. The current word on the street and in dorm rooms everywhere is that Charlie Sheen has Bipolar Disorder.

Because most of my friends know I have Bipolar Disorder, I’ve been asked a few times what I thought about Charlie Sheen and his pending diagnosis; I’m not a doctor, so can just speculate along with the rest of you.

Bipolar Disorder: Maybe I'm Not the Goddess of Love Afterall

Having Bipolar Disorder definitely has its moments; my most embarrassing moments outside of a manic episode tend to be fairly tame and those from my manic episodes are not quite as tame. When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar I, I was eager to share my crazy adventures with nearly everyone I met and was christened by friends of friends as “The Goddess of Love” for my new tale of how I was going to “spread love to the world.”


My Semi-Manic Memories of the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand

Mania Skews Perceptions of Tragedies

Seeing images of the Tsunami in Japan makes me recall the Tsunami of 2004; I was in Thailand at the time and had just been carted off the island I was on because of a minor manic episode. By the time the Tsunami hit, I was extremely subdued because of the tranquilizers I was on, didn’t have TV, and had little understanding of the enormity of what was happening.


Shaping Perceptions of Bipolar Disorder with Language

Bipolar Disorder is Serious

I recently went to a symposium on the stigma of mental illness; the panelists ranged from those with severe mood disorders, to family members of those with mental illnesses, to local government officials there to address the problem of how to treat the mentally ill with limited government budgets.

One panelist was the mother of a woman in her early 20’s who had been hospitalized for severe depression and put on what basically amounted to a “suicide watch” while she was there. She and her daughter co-authored a memoir on her struggles with Bipolar Disorder. Both mother and daughter were panelists at the symposium.

Ideas to Fight Off the Springtime Blues

More Strategies for Fighting Depression

A few months ago, I wrote about advice from author Chuck Palahniuk about how to fight off suicidal thoughts. He advised cleaning, culling, and communicating to keep yourself busy and feeling good. His strategies work even for times when you are bored and not depressed and are actually really effective for people who are feeling suicidal.


Now that spring is coming in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to add some new coping strategies to fight the evils of boredom, depression, suicidal feelings, lethargy, and apathy.