April 2011

Charlie Sheen Hosts Bipolar Awareness Walk

Charlie Sheen is making headlines again, this time with a walk to raise funds and awareness for Bipolar disorder.

The actor has denied multiple times that he is affected by the disorder.

So why the walk?

Apparently, he is just really passionate about Bipolar disorder.

He recently took to Twitter, his favorite method of communication, and asked fans to walk with him from his hotel to Toronto’s Massey Hall, where he performed for his
"My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour on Thursday, April 14 and Friday, April 15.

Looking for all of you tonight at 6pm @ The Ritz to Walk to Massey w/me in support of Bipolar Awareness! I'm matching all donations $ for $,” the actor tweeted on Friday.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Her Bipolar II Diagnosis

Of course, if you pay attention to either news about Bipolar Disorder to entertainment news at all, then you’ve already heard that Catherine Zeta Jones’ publicist has just announced that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar II.


Obviously, the only thing that Catherine Zeta Jones and I have in common is our Bipolar Disorder, but because I have Bipolar Disorder I and she has Bipolar Disorder II, our personal stories about Bipolar Disorder might not match too much. There are four different types of Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorder II is characterized by different moods altering between depression and hypomania and whatever that person’s normal mood is. A person with Bipolar II has also had at least one major depressive episode—significantly harder to deal with than the hypomania aspect of the illness. Hypomania can give a person a lot of extra energy and oftentimes people in the midst of hypomania are able to accomplish quite a bit.

Recent Suicides at KAIST University in Korea Cause Concern

Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world.

South Korea recently made the Wall Street Journal with a string of suicides at KAIST, a prestigious South Korean university where a friend of mine is a guest lecturer. I’ve been following his Facebook comments with interest as the debate rages about what action KAIST can take to stop the problem.