May 2011

When Mentally Ill Patients Refuse Treatment

Bipolar Disorder and Forced Treatment

The current New Yorker is running an article about those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness, but refuse to accept their diagnosis. The article opens with a story that may sound familiar to anyone who has been diagnosed with Bipolar I or Schizoaffective Disorder: a woman sees her doctor and is told she has Bipolar Disorder and that she is psychotic. The woman refuses treatment and insists that she doesn’t really have Bipolar Disorder and that the doctor is mistaken.


Let's Be Honest: Depression is Serious


I just read THIS article about Jerome Wakefield who wrote a book two years ago about the positive effects of depression. And while I always try to keep a positive attitude to Bipolar Disorder and other hardships in my life, it’s completely obvious to me that the Jerome Wakefield has never suffered from depression in his life.


Yes, we can learn from depression, but does that make it a good thing? Can we also learn after recovering from a car accident or getting hit by a bus?