July 2011

The Trouble with Pharmaceutical Studies

What is the best way to research the effectiveness of anti-depressants?



The NYT often contains interesting articles and Op-Ed pieces about mental health issues and the current edition is no different; today’s online edition features an Op-Ed piece entitled “In Defense of Anti-Depressants.” The author Peter D. Kramers, mentions several instances in which doctors don’t even consider prescribing anti-depressants because they truthfully believe that anti-depressants have limited abilities to treat patients.


Peter D. Kramers argues that anti-depressants might actually have some benefits, but also explains why anti-depressants were vilified in the first place.

How Does Exercise Help?

The Benefits of Exercise

For the last few decades, the media has been full of reports touting the benefits of exercise. Like many people with Bipolar Disorder, I ignored the reports until recently when I started trying to get myself in shape. And, like many who have also got back on the treadmill, I’ve actually started to feel some of the benefits of exercise myself. While I would never stop taking my medication, I’ve noticed definite improvements in my mental health since I’ve been exercising.