August 2011

Side Effect of Mania: Too Nice

How I Annoyed One Friend by Talking Up an Acquaintance While Manic

Flashback Manic Episode #1 Almost Two Decades Ago:

First manic and most extreme one I ever had.

I spent hours on the phone calling my friends, at least the ones who actually bothered to answer the phones. Some just turned the answering machine on and ignored my calls, but one of my friends got angry with me when I called. 

Her reason?

She was angry because I sounded too nice. 

I called her and started talking about __________, a girl we both knew and didn’t like. I said that ____________ was actually a really nice person and had just had an extremely tough life. In reality, neither of my statements about the girl in question were all that truthful. She was the kind of girl who talked smack about anybody and everybody without good cause and who hadn’t had all that difficult of a time. 

My friend got angry. “You don’t like her. You told me you didn’t like her. What’s wrong with you?”