September 2011

Bipolar Disorder: Famous People Who Are Still Alive and Have Bipolar Disorder

I admire their courage.

I just discovered an interesting website about Bipolar Disorder that made me feel a little bit better; the Bipolar Disorder website actually had a page about people with Bipolar Disorder who were still alive. So many of the websites about Bipolar Disorder seem to focus on dead people who PROBABLY had Bipolar Disorder. It’s nice to see a list of people who are living, surviving, and sometimes even thriving despite and because of their Bipolar Disorder diagnoses’.

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder: Tricky

Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar Disorder seems to be on the rise. When I was initially diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, “they”--whoever the forces that be--estimated that 1% of the population suffered from Bipolar Disorder. Now, the estimates are much higher. I’ve seen numbers claiming that 4-6% of adults have Bipolar Disorder. 


I don’t know if the numbers are the result of more correct Bipolar Disorder diagnoses, more false Bipolar Diagnoses, or some combination of the two.