September 2012

Surprise, surprise: No correlation between mental illness and new cars

Don't buy a new car if you can't afford it.

I was in my car listening to the radio the other day when I heard one of the most ridiculous car advertisements I have ever heard in my entire life. The catch phrase for the article went something along the lines of:

“Don’t let yourself become mentally ill. Buy a new car!”


Say what? The correlation in many advertisements is often way off base, but that was particularly odd. 

Forensic pyschology on TV

Not so realistic

I was watching a detective show the other day and was less than impressed with the detective-work being shown in the story for a few reasons, most of which were related to the depiction of the mentally ill. 

The plot of the detective story that I watched was fairly basic. Someone suspected that a strange neighbor who was supposedly mentally ill was going to go out and kill people in the neighborhood. In response, the police detectives placed the team of forensic psychologists on the case.