August 2018

Nuclear Reactors 604 - Ancient Natural Nuclear Reactors In Gabon


Gabonese Republic

       I like to say that nuclear power is the most complex, expensive and dangerous way to boil water ever invented by the human race. To think that natural processes could have created a crude nuclear reactor might seem like saying that natural processes could create a car but apparently there were natural nuclear reactors many years ago.

Nuclear Reactors 602 - History Of Uranium Production In The U.S. - 3 of 4 Parts

Part 3 of Part 4 (Please read Part 1 and Part 2 first)
       The director for fuel cycle programs at industry trade group the Nuclear Energy Institute said, “It's slowed down the growth of nuclear globally and led to some countries cutting back or ending their nuclear program. Supply was not as quick to react to this huge loss of demand.”