January 2019

Nuclear Weapons 371 - Chrysler Designed the TV-8 Nuclear Tank In The Early 1950s


Artist's concept of Chrysler TV-8 tank

      Recently, I posted a series of articles on ideas for nuclear weapons and delivery platforms that proved too expensive, dangerous or ineffective to actually construct and deploy. Today I am going to blog about proposals for a nuclear-powered tank.

Radioactive Waste 654 - RoMaNs Robot Being Developed To Operate In Radioactive Environments

        Yesterday, I wrote about work at the University of Bonn in Germany on a teleoperated robot called CENTAURO for use in irradiated environments such as nuclear reactors and nuclear waste sites. Today, I am going to write about another project to develop robots for use in the nuclear industry.

Radioactive Waste 653 - CENTAURO Robot Being Developed To Operate In Radioactive Environments

CENTAURO robot.jpg

Centauro robot

       Handling radioactive materials is dangerous for human beings. I have mentioned work on various robots in the past that are intended for use in nuclear reactors and nuclear waste facilities. Following the March 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan, some robots were deployed to deal with the aftermath. These robots were primitive and often ineffective.

Pompous ass

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Brewery Tours

Is there a distillery tour in your area that's not to be missed? What about a brewery tour that is so good you have all of your out-of-town visitors try it out? Brewery tours are a great way to score free drinks (at some locations, as long as you are of age!) while learning about the company's history and business practices. You can decide if it's really the kind of beer (or other spirits) you want to support while expanding your experiences and sampling new drinks. Honestly it's one of the best dates you could plan for drinker friends or dates.

Saint Cupcake

Remember when you used to have to wait for someone's birthday to have a cupcake? These days if you get a craving you're almost always in luck with a cupcakery around the corner! In Portland, one of the best places to satisfy your craving is Saint Cupcake, where you can find all of your classic favorite flavors as well as some more exotic delights, too. They also have basic cupcakes versus those that are all decked out: "Dots," for $1.75, or "Full" cupcakes for $3.50. That makes it easy to indulge your way at your price.

To Kill a Character

Let's face it: we all get tired of characters over the years, and our favorite dramas usually take them out now and then to keep things fresh and ensure we don't get too attached, or that we cry ourselves to sleep. Either way, it works for dramas, but what about comedies? We don't usually experience death in comedic TV shows but when characters get overused, sometimes it's time to move on.

Frog Sounds in Wireless Sensor Networks

Scientists use frogs for all kinds of things in their studies, but this latest study is particularly interesting as they attempt to find out whether or not a frog's "ribbet" can be used to help us better utilize wireless sensor networks. All of that croacking sounds like a cacophony of noise to untrained earis, but if you listen closely, frogs in range avoid overlapping noises in order to ensure all voices are heard and messages are conveyed.

Teen vs. Adult Games

I must be one depraved individual because I'm so used to playing NSFW games with my friends and family. So when my daughter told me that she'd been playing a game of Exploding Kittens with friends recently, I nearly hit the roof. "That game is so inappropriate!" I exclaimed, and prepared to have a dozen conversations about topics that she probably now had questions about. I remember when a friend of hers introduced the topic of suicide to her at age six and how resentful I'd been for that early talk. 

Seeds Sprout to the Far Side of the Moon

Cotton seeds growing on the dark side of the moon? Apparently it's possible, given that China just made it their mission to bring some seeds up on their last lunar landing. While the coldness of the moon ultimately destroyed the seeds, they did begin to sprout once they were watered... on the moon. So no, we don't have crops on the moon just yet, but it's incredible that we can say China actually sprouted life there.

Eye Analysis Reveals Stress Level

We know that stress levels can be measured in a variety of ways, but none of them are definitive. High blood pressure and high pulse rate can be the results of a plethora of circumstances, from lifestyle to hereditary traits. A heart attack? The same thing. While doctors can tell you to watch your stress levels, they often aren't sure whether they're as high as other contributing factors in a patient's life--especially if the patient is dishonest about health history.