April 2019

Mother-Daughter Team

I'm not sure if I'll read anything else that makes me grin this big today. A mother and her daughter are working together as a pilot team and it gives me hope for this world--not because we should be flying, since flying unfortuantely isn't a green way to travel (is there any green way to travel aside from walking, really?), but because only 6% of pilots are women. This also proves that moms and daughters can get along together, which will delight the ears of many of my friends currently raising teens!

A Drink A Day Raises Your Risk Of Stroke

Okay everyone, this new study says that just a drink a day increases your risk for having a stroke after following 500,000 people for 10 years and analyzing their health and drinking habits. That said, how many studies do we have that suggest a glass of wine a day is good for you for other reasons? Before you ask, yes, a small glass of wine was included under the umbrella term "drink," so some of those stroke-havers may have been drinking daily wine. 

Four-Legged Whales

This isn't exactly news; I've known about four-legged ancient whales since I was a young writer, fascinated with the news as I watched a special where whale fossils were dug out of the Midwest. But every time I hear about it again, it's like it just surprises me all over again! It's that startling, and I love seeing the faces of people who've never heard that whales used to have legs before when they learn the news.

Move Over, Bernie

Everyone keeps saying they don't want Hilary Clinton to run again, but here I am saying that Bernie Sanders should also move over this time around. It's not that I don't like Bernie--or either candidate, for that matter; I admire and like many things about both of them, and I don't like or admire other things about them, which is what I'll say about everyone else who's running for Democratic office, too.

Star Wallpaper

Stars are one of my favorite designs. I love everything from Neil Gaiman's Stardust to those patterned star tattoos (my youngest sister has one), and the first thing my kid drew was a star! My six-word memoir is even, "Stardust on rags, wonder in rucks." Needless to say, I'm quick to add stars to anything in my home.

Keto Chocolate Chip Muffins

My teen lives for chocolate chip pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, you name it, so I was happy to find this recipe for keto chocolate chip muffins. We try to limit sugar in our house as much as possible for multiple reasons, but you can always use sugar instead of the substitutions (this recipe calls for Swerve, but you can probably use monkfruit or whatever sub that works best for your family). Do you have a healthy recipe for chocolate chip muffins we could try?

80s Blind Bags

Last weekend, my husband came home from shopping with some adorable blind bags for my teen and me to open. They were Gremlins blind bags, which are small bags of toys that are sealed so you don't know what's inside until you open them. We got a gremlin and a mogwai keychain, and both are adorable.

Starting A Veggie Garden

The stirrings of garden fever usually begin in February in my house. That's when we'll get our little starter plants going before we transplant them in the garden once the final frost is over (and it sounds like that might be later rather than sooner for some in the Midwest; be safe during Wesley this week!). But this year between illnesses, class loads and other shenanigans we just haven't started anything!