May 2019

Nuclear Reactors 680 - New Economical Method For Extracting Uranium From Seawater Has Been Developed

       A research team from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, the University of California - Berkeley, and the University of South Florida have developed a low-cost polymer adsorbent that can selectively bind to dissolved uranium in water. A report on the new process has just been published in the Nature Communications journal.

Radioactive Waste 394 - Small Amount Of Enriched Uranium Found At Ohio School


Zahn’s Corner Middle School

       Recently, I wrote about a cube of uranium that was donated to a scientist anonymously. It turned out that it was confiscated from a German laboratory at the end of World War II. Several years ago, a mislabeled sample of radioactive material was discovered in a college chem lab. No one was sure where it came from.

Nuclear Weapons 680 - Questions on Nuclear Policy For Presidential Candidates - Part 1 of 3 Parts


W76-2 Warhead Diagram

Part 1 of 3 Parts
         With the rise in tensions between the U.S. and Russia, the possibility of global nuclear war increases. Russia has been bragging about the fabulous destructive and unstoppable new nuclear weapons that they are developing. They have also been flying nuclear bombers through other nations airspaces and sailing nuclear submarines through other nations territorial waters.