June 2019

Curious Elixirs Will Send You Booze-Free Cocktails

Some studies show that people are drinking less alcohol and many companies--including those that sell only alcohol!--are jumping on board the trend of selling booze-free cocktails. Curious Elixirs is a "bold not boozy" company that makes hand-crafted cocktails, bottles them and ships them out to you to enjoy instead of a glass of wine each evening.

Nuclear Reactors 683 - ThorCon Developing A Thorium Based Molten Salt Reactor For Third World Customers

       The idea of putting a nuclear reactor on a ship to provide power for remote locations off the grid has been floating around for some time. (pun intended) I have written about the Russian construction of a floating nuclear power plant. They have finished one and it is on its way to the Artic to support oil exploration efforts.

The U.K. Parliament Heard Arguments For Transparency In The Diversion Of Funds To Nuclear Submarine Construction

      Through the decades since the development of nuclear weapons and commercial nuclear power, there have been charges that some governments supported the peaceful use of nuclear energy in order to obtain additional funding for nuclear weapons programs.

Nuclear Weapons 685 - German Intelligence Agencies Report That Iran Is Trying To Develop Nuclear Weapons


Map of German States

      There have been a lot of stories about the Iran nuclear treaty that the U.S. withdrew from. Members of the U.S. government including President Trump are claiming that Iran wants to acquire nuclear weapons and international sanctions and other diplomatic pressures need to be ratcheted up in order to dissuade the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.

Emergency Rent Assistance

I lost my job over a month ago. Then I applied for unemployment but was denied. I’m need emergency assistance with my rent. I have call the 211 number& the resources that they gave me are out of funds. Where is the help from our government. Could you help me find some help please

Yes, Female Cats Spray

My one-year-old cat is in heat, and we have to get her in to get fixed ASAP because she's begun to "scent" everything. I wrote about how we use her "calming box" to help her quiet down, and it does help to keep her calm--it's just an open cardboard box she can lie down in and look at us from the top, the same kind of typical cardboard box any other cat enjoys playing in--but now that she's peeing everywhere to try and attract a mate, and annoying not just all of us but my neurtered cats as well, it really is time to spay the last cat!