July 2019

An advise for Joe Biden

Dear Mr. President Obama,

First of all, you should know who I am.

My name is Samuel Savariego, I am now 80 years old, I am the Founder of Delta Steel Technologies(DELTA) and now my son Joseph Savariego is the President of the company that I founded.

DELTA was in the supply chain of the Industry of Defense. I designed machinery to build first the HUMVEE and then the MRAP and the Department of Defense wrote letters recognizing our contributions.

I was born in Cuba and came to the United States as a student when I was 14 years old. I went to Georgia Military Academy and then to North Carolina State University and graduated with a Bachelor in Science of Mechanical Engineering.

The reason I am writing to you:

The United States is having a great problem with illegal immigration and President Trump wants to solve that problem by building walls that will cost billions and of Dollars that will become a monument of stupidity, it will solve nothing. The desperation of the wave of immigrants will continue.

I applauded your initiative with wanting to open the relationship with Cuba, I thought that it would be the beginning of a plan that would win the election of Joe Bidden to become the next President of the United States.

I saw the growth of China because I was there when it first started in the 80's, I was one of the equipment suppliers that worked with the
Chinese Design Institutes of many of the different provinces. Now China wants to expand in all areas, including Central and South America, they could do this but in cooperation with the United States and I could help with this.

STEEL SECTOR: One of the large Chinese steel companies acquired a license of technology of NUCOR Steel, this technology is called CASTRIP, this method of producing steel was invented by Henry Bessemer in 1846, many steel companies tried but failed. NUCOR succeeded.

In 2005 I was awarded a US Patent for a technology to process the product produced with the Bessemer Roll Casting Process, this was a process that was suitable for developing countries, the investment and the cost per ton produced were much lower. This method of strip steel production could be combined with existing plants in Central and South America that are operating at half their capacities.

This steel production will help create industries to produce products that these Latin American Countries don't even know they exist, like home appliances, mechanized agriculture, etc., etc.

TEXTILE SECTOR: On the negotiation with China, we should propose to them that some of the products in this sector that are being produced in China are produced in plants that would build in Central and South America.

If this is presented to the American Voter and I believe that they will select Mr. Biden as our next President.

You were a Great President and you have an admirer in me:

Your brought tear to my eyes when you recited the verse of Jose Marti:

Cultivo una rosa blanca en Julio como en enero para el amigo sincero que me da su mano franca y para aquel que me arranca el corazon
con que vivo, cultico una rosa blanca.

Your friend and admirer,

Samuel Savariego Fintz
Founder of DELTA
(214) 663 1150

PS: I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation of my proposal that includes all the possible contributors to the plan.