July 2019

Translating Goo Goo And Ga Ga

AI has been rapidly accelerating human capabilities so quickly that many people--sometimes myself included!--think we might be living in a computer simulation. It's dizzyingly fast and sometimes overwhelming, but also incredibly exciting, especially when you hear news like this. Scientists are using artificial intelligence to decipher the noises that babies make!

Your Favorite Tandoori Recipes

Indian cuisine is on my brain today, and I'm so excited about this recipe for Tandoori Chicken over at Wellness Mama. I always assumed that it was a complicated dish that requires very specific equipment to make, but this recipe calls for an outdoor grill to make it with, which is perfect for this time of year. It also requires marinating overnight, so alas, I won't be eating it today!

This Dalmatian Will Have You Seeing Hearts

Looking at animals with unusual markings, color variations and other unique features is so much fun. I love seeing cats with colors with split faces, cute designs on pet fur courtesy of nature alone and other fun variations. I even love dew claws, so long as they don't get in your pet's way; one of my dogs has them and removal would be dangerous for her, but luckily they don't hinder her at all and I think they are cute!

Poetry Podcasts

Last week, we discussed the many possibilities when it comes to poetry blogs, which ones to follow and which ones you like best. The Internet has certainly opened up new doorways from which we can share so much more poetry and ideas around the world, so I thought this week we could discuss the various poetry podcasts that are available for our listening pleasure.

Getting Rid Of Pot Convictions

It never ceases to amaze me how the government is legally able to repress and ruin lives every day. From allowing citizens to die without healthcare, to outlawing abortion, legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ people, sanctioned state violence and, yes, our for-profit prison system, we are far from the land of the free that so many like to think we are. That doesn't mean we should "love it or leave it," as some would scorn, but that we need to keep working towards a better tomorrow by combatting these issues, just like our ancestors did for us.

Cocktails For July

Summertime is the perfect time to mix up some sweet, fruity drinks, whether they're for a group of friends and family or just for yourself! If you're searching for some new recipes to try, Liquor.com always has something interesting to test out, no matter what the season is. This list of 11 Essentail Cocktails for summer is just what you need for the perfect July get together.

Russian Blue Cats

Having had cats for most of my life, it's strange when I think of all of the various breeds I've never adopted. I almost said "owned," but cats pretty much own you! I have one clawing up my office chair as we speak. I tend to gravitate toward tortoiseshells, long-haired cats and especially black cats; I don't think I've ever been without a black cat for long. But I've never had a Russian Blue, and seeing these photos of Russian Blue cats makes me really want one!


Having read Cora Carmack's Losing It series, I was excited to see that the author is also churning out YA novels these days! I like her style and characters, which is everything to me in a novel. If I don't like the characters, I just can't get into it, which has happened with many popular books I tried so hard to enjoy. Having just finished the first in the Stormheart series, Roar, I have some mixed feelings.

Back To School Sales

Even if you're not going back to school this year and you don't know anyone who is, you can still take advantage of Back to School sales that are happening just about everywhere. Many are already starting, especially since companies like Wal-Mart and Target are competing with Amazon against Prime Day, but most will occur next month, so it's time to get your plan of action started!

NASA Interstellar Probe Project - Part 3 of 3 Parts

Part 3 of 3 Parts (Please read Part 1 and Part 2 first)
      One big stumbling block for the Interstellar Probe project is the fact that best heat shield ever used by a NASA probe is only able to protect a probe that comes within four million miles of the Sun. The Interstellar Probe would have to come within two million miles of the Sun in order to make best use of the gravity boost.

Nuclear Weapons 690 - Newly Developed Technique Can Tell Whether A Building Has Been Used To Store Highly Enriched Uranium

      The detection of radioactive materials is an important area of research. The ability to tell whether or not a shipping container contains radioactive materials is of great importance in preventing the smuggling of nuclear materials that may be used by terrorists for dirty bombs or actual atomic bombs. New tools and procedures are being developed all the time.