September 2019

Thinner in the 80s

A lot of people are shamed for their body size and weight in a nation where more than a third the citizens are obese, but did you know that it's actually more difficult to be thin today than it was back in the 1980s? Researchers have discovered that even if you follow the same diet and exercise regime as a healthy person in the 80s, you'll still be 10% heavier today!

September Game Releases

As a kid, I remember getting excited over a new game if we ran across it somewhere--whether at the store or a friend's house. Today we can eagerly anticipate new game releases on a month-by-month basis as new ones are constantly released, and like the entire FOMO of the many great TV series made today, it can create a bit of overwhelm. Even so, most game players have a few games they're most excited about each year.

Meds Or Food?

30 million Americans live with diabetes, which makes insulin, which is free in many countries, a necessity for survival. It's widely known that when the scientists who created insulin for diabetic patients designed it, they wanted everyone to be able to access it, allowing it to be mass produced without a profit. Today's pharmaceutical industry is an entirely different story, with the drug's cost rising 555%, including 45% in the last few years alone.

Creatures That Breathe Sulfur

As scientists have searched for life on other planets for years, how many of us have often wondered, "But what about life that may not need water or oxygen?" If it's an alien, what are the chances of it even needing the same basic requirements of a human, right? Scientists have now discovered life deep in our planet that breathes on... sulfur. So they've basically discovered demons. Sam and Dean Winchester could have told them that.

September Appetizers

The handsoaps have all been switched out to fall themes, which means fall is pretty much at my house despite the 90-degree weather that hids midday. Mornings are 65 degrees and that's what counts, right? With this in mind, I'm already ready for some fall appetizers! Apps are my favorite food "group," hehe, and this slideshow has me craving some arancini and squash soup, one of my all-time favorite fall dishes.

Sushi Kashiba

In the words of Donna Meagle and Tom Havorford, sometimes you just need to treat yourself, and you can do just that at Sushi Kashiba. While it's not going to feature Josh Groban eating Josh Groban's own fish, it is the home of "Seattle's grand sushi master," according to Bon Appetit. Chef Kashiba has three different Seattle restaurants that have been established in the last 50 years and they continue to be as popular as ever.

Crimes On Family Guy

Have you ever noticed that everyone on Family Guy should really be in jail right about now? Every member of the cast is guilty of heinous crimes, some of them pretty serious, and Screen Rant even compiled a list of the worst ones that Stewie and Brian should be in trouble for, ranging from attempted murder to kidnapping. 

Zoo Monkey Sharpens Knife And Shatters Enclosure Glass

If we need no further proof that monkeys are sentient, aware beings who know they are imprisoned in zoos, take a look at this story about a monkey who sharpened a rock in order to use it to smash his own enclosure glass. He shattered the glass and proved that he wanted his freedom more than anything else. I get that in many circumstances, zoos are what keep animals alive. But why can't we just really enforce laws against poaching to keep them safe instead?

Drinks Of The Month

It may not be fall, y'all, but it sure will be in a couple of weeks, and I'm so ready for the apples, cinnamon and everything cozy. How about you? It's time to start planning those September drink menus for parties, cozy evenings around the firepit or nightcaps during the weekend. 

Turn Your Plant Into A Pet

Many plant lovers treat their flowers and plants like pets, but now there's smart technology that allows us to change our plants into nanopet-like creatures. Meet Lua, the smart planter that displays "feelings" on your planter depending on how you care for it. It's meant to help you take better care of your plants by giving you visible signals regarding how too little or too much water you give your plant, or whether or not it is too cold or warm.