September 2019

Freaky Amazon Goods

Have you ever wanted to make it look like your big toe was floating? How about a fish puking up your egg yolk to separate it for cooking? If these sound intriguing, you need to check out this freaky list of weird finds on Amazon. Some of these things are really functional, like instant underwear that you can add water to and grow, or a hair-trimming comb. Others appear really too weird to be as functional as they appear.

Keto Pizzas

Even if you're not a keto eater like me, you can still appreciate a delicious pizza made on cauli, spinach or even zucchini rounds! A local woman where I live makes these awesome crusts out of veggies and sells them at the grocery store. They are pricey, but I like them better than pizza. They have more flavor! I'm not sold onto zucchini rounds and other veggie "crusts" that are really just veggies with melted cheese and sauce on top as actual pizza, but I do still enjoy them as a bite to eat.

Worst Family Guy Storylines

When it comes to shows like Family Guy, it's really no surprise when things don't age as well as they do in other, more timeless programs. That's because of the risque nature of the show, which always strives to be edgy in the first place. We can analyze every season and point out things that really don't work well today, but we can do the same with things that still stand the test of time, to be fair.

Clever Frogs

We had an adorable frog one summer who loved to hang out near the porch light if it was cold outside at night, well into the fall. We loved to see if he was there, just hanging out on a ledge, taking advantage of the warmth and bugs! The other night my dogs brought a locust in the house, of all things, and I scolded them, thinking it was a frog. 

Amazon On Fire

It's difficult to pinpoint a way to help with the Amazon fires raging when the country's own leader won't even accept it, which proves that we're living in the Twilight Zone if nothing else has already. How are we supposed to stop these fires when he doesn't even care that they're burning? Aside from the fact that we need a major overhaul of at least a dozen world leaders right now during this terrifying rise of facism, the people, animals and plants of the Amazon need people to act now. 

Black Magic Cocktails

Okay, I get that it's too early for Halloween for a lot of people. In my house, September is pretty much Halloween Eve, the entire month of October is Halloween and we wear a different costume every day. So if you're not into the theme, it's okay, these are great drinks for any time--just know that I definitely have these in mind for October entertaining!

Fall Planting

This fall, I'm growing a few herbs indoors but I'm honestly not doing a whole lot outside. We've been so busy that we really have a lot of maintenance to do before we tackle a new garden, and between that and a sick cat, wild schedules, school and work, I think a garden might not do very well for us this year. Then again, I've had some really nice potted plants do well this year despite the constant rush, so who knows? You can get lucky!

Crafts With A Purpose

Some of my favorite crafts are the kind that serve multiple purposes, or a practical purpose. For example, my kid and I made a bee hotel really easily out of recycled soda bottle caps for an annual scavenger hunt that we do, and we've made bird feeders out of everything from milk cartons to jugs to other household items. I love it when you can repurpose things and give them new life.

Cat Meds Tips

Just days ago, we had to rush my kid's beloved cat to the emergency vet due to respiratory distress. We found out that he has heart disease, might have months to live, and will be on medication for the rest of his life. We're all devastatd. This has been my teen's best friend since age 6. He's the most loving cat I've ever met, and he's the last of our original three cats we had since our kiddo was two (now almost 14). You can imagine how terrible we all feel.

Sharing An Old Favorite

Have you ever re-read a book aloud with someone you love after you already read it by yourself and fell in love with it? It's a whole new experience, isn't it? It took a couple of years for my family to read through all of the Harry Potter books together, but it was almost as much fun as it was reading it through the first time. In fact, I'd argue that some books were even more fun because I got to see their reactions and remember things I'd forgotten.

When Poetry Clicks

As a poetry lover, it pained me that my teen has never loved poetry for years. We have tried poetry teatime, which my kiddo really just enjoyed for the treats we made, and we've tried associating it with music, which my kid loves. Nope. Poetry is NOT fun, apparently. This year, however, it has started to click.